Heart Disease

Data from the WHO shows that heart disease is still the leading cause of death in all the world for both, men and women. It is responsible for more deaths than cancer, infectious disease and accidents. It is a fact, that new diagnostic methods and treatments have reduce significantly the number of deaths from heart disease. Now a days, in Latin America and the Caribbean 31% of deaths are attributable to heart disease. It is estimated that about 20.7 million of deaths will happen during the next ten years in this region. Once a patient knows that him or she has to be treated surgically to heal a heart disease a lot of confusion and nervousness will be the first experience for them and a lot of questions will be racing through their minds:

Why me?
Do I really need a heart surgery?
Will I be the same again?
How long it will take the surgery
Which are the probabilities of survival or death?
How much it will cost?
Where should I need to be treated?

You should know that each year, over 800,000 heart surgeries take place all around the world, and that there are a lot of medical staff (cardiovascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses) that has already performed this kind of operations not once, but a hundreds of times, with mortality rates less than 2%. Heart surgery also has evolve a lot, and is important to know that their are options for some patients to have minimally invasive heart procedures, that have mortality rates that are close to zero percent. Hope that the information provided in my web site can help you as a patient to answer your questions and to ask anything you need to know. Feel free to do it.